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New Computing Solutions for 21st Century Learning

T.H.E. Journal’s Linda Briggs talks with Lenovo’s Tim CoyneSmith about ways your school can use technology to engage students and build a 21st century learning environment and a new line of ultraportable PCs designed to support these efforts.

Making Your Analog Surveillance Cameras Go Further with Video Encoders

Safety is always a high priority on campus. Pearland Independent School District’s Gary McCleod discusses the advantages of using video encoders with your existing analog cameras to improve your current video surveillance environment.

Obstacles or Protection--Internet Safety, School Filters, Firewalls

When it comes to Internet safety, parents and teachers are advocating for more restrictions at home and in school, while students complain that the filters and firewalls are limiting their technology use and negatively impacting their ability to learn. This webinar explores the latest findings from Speak Up surveys given to K-12 students, teachers, parents and administrators regarding their views on Internet safety and the obstacles that students face in using technology for learning.

Top Ten Trends in Student Learning with Technology

Today’s students approach learning in vastly different ways as a result of their ubiquitous technology use. Speak Up survey findings identify the top 10 trends that every school and district administrator should be aware of, as well as, consider when addressing the instructional needs of today’s students.

Engaging Students in and outside the Classroom with Interactive Digital Solutions

Interactive content helps students stay on task and fosters learning and engagement. Empower learning and collaboration and deliver stimulating whole-class teaching across curriculum with interactive digital solutions. Plus, see how you can fund these technologies with stimulus dollars.

Security in a Web 2.0 World and Beyond

Learn how to stay ahead of malware, viruses and emerging threats while battling reduced budgets and resources. Attend this session to hear about future trends that that will impact network security and child safety, how you can prepare for the future and what you can do now to better guard your districts from Internet-based threats.