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Next Generation Parent Notification Services: How districts are preparing for tomorrow’s needs of community engagement.

An expert panel of communications and technology leaders discusses trends and the future of notification services in schools and how school districts are finding new ways to meet the evolving notification needs of their communities.

Improving Academic Achievement: The Colorado Department of Education Growth Model

The Colorado Department of Education reveals how to maximize student progress over time, identify schools and districts producing the highest sustained growth rates and answer essential performance and achievement questions about the student, the school, and the district.

IT Systems Management Report Card: Does Your School Make the Grade?

The demands on college and university IT departments increase each year as resources and budgets decrease. Discover a new way to better manage your IT systems tasks and earn a passing grade for your school.

Taming the PC infrastructure with desktop virtualization

Virtual desktops enabled Donna ISD to replace their aging PC infrastructure, increase the number of desktops per classroom and add instructional labs for their growing district while slashing maintenance costs by half.

New Computing Solutions for 21st Century Learning

T.H.E. Journal’s Linda Briggs talks with Lenovo’s Tim CoyneSmith about ways your school can use technology to engage students and build a 21st century learning environment and a new line of ultraportable PCs designed to support these efforts.

Making Your Analog Surveillance Cameras Go Further with Video Encoders

Safety is always a high priority on campus. Pearland Independent School District’s Gary McCleod discusses the advantages of using video encoders with your existing analog cameras to improve your current video surveillance environment.