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Maine Township Innovates To Deliver Cloud-Based Infrastructure for Teaching & Learning

The widespread use of mobile devices on campuses and the need for more personalized learning are changing how students learn and how classes are taught. Educational institutions and school districts are eager to implement the latest technology, but typically do not have significant infrastructure and funding resources available and schools are looking for solutions to modernize and move teaching and learning into the digital world.

Hyperconvergence: Reducing Costs and Complexity in the Datacenter

We know stakeholders, students, and citizens are all demanding more, putting even greater strain on an organization’s infrastructure and expertise. There’s no “one size fits all” solution to optimize data center efficiency. Can hyperconvergence help?

The Digital Transition: K-12 Schools Making Progress, But Have More Work Ahead

The face of technology is changing in K-12 schools. More and more schools are successfully adopting 1:1 technology programs where every student has a laptop, and/or bring your own device (BYOD) programs where students are allowed to use their own laptops or tablets, moving away from carts wheeling computers from classroom to classroom for students to use when it’s their turn. There are numerous challenges to making this digital transition, as revealed by a recent survey conducted by THE Journal and sponsored by Dell Security. Primary among those challenges are ensuring cybersecurity, providing technology training, and keeping up with upgrades.

Navigating The New Learning Landscape

It’s not simply that students learn in different places and spaces, they actually learn differently depending on the where and when. Understanding this new learning landscape is key to designing successful digital learning programs.

Focus on the Future with Tools for Today’s Learner

An important element of building a learning environment that prepares students for their future is to equip them with the tools that allows them to inquire, collaborate and create and that they are most likely to use after high school. That means giving them access to Windows 10 and Office 365 Education and a computing device designed for learning. Not only does Windows 10 based devices give students access to a powerful tool for learning, but getting those students comfortable with modern office technology will help prepare them for success after graduation.

Discover the Benefits of 3D Printing in the Classroom

3D printing is leading a revolution in the world of technological design and creativity and is already playing an important role in many of today’s schools. Big Lake Schools and its 7th grade class are no exception. Their final project, titled Games, Hobbies, Sports and Inventions, incorporates the design and modeling process with the use of the Stratasys Mojo 3D Printer. With a broad range of project topics to choose from and the ability to physically get their parts, students are able to involve their own interests and have truly excelled in the course. 3D printing gives these students a new tool to figure out problems and express their creativity.