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Using Hyperconverged to Improve Your District Data Center

As users clamor for more applications and data usage grows in your schools, the hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) offers a way for you to simplify your data center operations and speed up your response times. Learn how from K12 IT experts.

Developing an Effective Workload Placement Strategy

Determining where to run your workloads is a top challenge for today’s IT. With so many considerations and unique requirements there is never a one-size-fits-all answer. Particularly with mission-critical or sensitive workloads, the ability to easily adapt while maintaining security, increasing performance and maximizing efficiency is key.

eSports in K-12—Getting Started Checklist

Both K-12 and colleges and universities are scrambling to keep up with demand for the newest mode of learning: esports. Two experts explain why it’s happening and how to get started.

The Journey to a Software-Defined Datacenter and the Important Role Hardware Plays in the Process

The quest to a software-defined data center (SDDC) begins with your organization’s hardware and extends to all elements of the infrastructure. Most firms today strive for an SDDC, but don’t fully understand the challenges involved. Many start down the path with good intentions, but then struggle to get everything up and running. They soon realize the importance of having the right partner to help navigate the process. This eBook explores the benefits of software-defined data centers and the role hardware plays in their success.

Giving Teachers Voice and Choice

Did you know that a technology refresh gave a school district the opportunity to reboot its approach to professional development and help its teachers learn how to ask for instructional support as they needed it? This only means one thing: it’s time to take your teacher training from “sit-and-git” to more professional learning.

When Every Dollar Counts

Schools and districts work tirelessly to provide the critical IT services required for student success. In this exclusive snapshot report, read 5 editorial articles to learn how to maximize your school's return on IT investments.

Implementing An Emergency Notification Solution in Your School

At a time when many schools are facing budget constraints and aging school buildings, administrators are being asked to do more with less. There is a growing expectation to provide quick and effective communication with staff, students, and parents in the event of a school emergency.

Enhancing K12 Safety Throughout the Year

It can be difficult to know where to start when developing a safety plan. This eBook offers a year-long plan to prepare for events like severe weather and active shooters, and ways to better communicate critical information throughout a school or district. It also offers recommendations and guidance for what kind of capabilities school officials should look for in mass notification solutions.