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A Room of Their Own

Teaching and learning environments should include more than just content or information delivery. THE Journal recently interviewed key experts to provide valuable insight into the successful learning space redesign strategies.

Creativity in K—12 education

Many k-12 educators today are reconsidering what an effective education should look like. As they search for ways to better engage students based on their individual talents, interests, and learning styles, creativity becomes a critical skill and key enabler.

Constructing a Common Language for 1-to-1

One of the ways technology is permeating classrooms today is through computing devices, with an increasing number of school districts choosing to put in place 1-to-1 programs that provide a laptop or mobile device to every student and hoping that this type of interactive learning will better prepare them for the future.

From Teacher-Centered To Student-Centered: How Technology Helps K-12 Teachers and Students Create Engaging Learning Experiences

Classrooms that emphasize active learning and engagement can have a big impact on student success. Download this informative white paper to learn how technology can help students collaborate, build key skills and more.

Engaging Students in STEAM Learning

Engaging students in STEAM subjects not only creates pathways to future job opportunities; it helps them become adept at solving all kinds of problems they might encounter, regardless of their chosen careers. Download this informative Snapshot report to explore 5 insightful articles on how to provide high-quality STEAM learning opportunities for students.