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Giving Teachers Voice and Choice

Did you know that a technology refresh gave a school district the opportunity to reboot its approach to professional development and help its teachers learn how to ask for instructional support as they needed it? This only means one thing: it’s time to take your teacher training from “sit-and-git” to more professional learning.

Constructing a Common Language for 1-to-1

A Dell expert on K-12 digital transformations explains why a lot of districts that have already implemented a program to give computing devices to every student aren’t getting the return they expected. Download this brief from Dell and Intel® to learn more.

Making the Best Virtual Infrastructure Choices for Future-proofing in K-12

Lowering technology, TCO at the same time your working to "future-proof" your education infrastructure is tricky but doable. This brief guide lays out the argument for re-examining how storage should be designed to sustain the digital demands being made in your district. You’ll gain insights on how to make decisions about your data center architecture that will result in a more resilient, scalable network and simplify your operations. Our experts will also share the signals to watch for that indicate you’re heading in the right direction for future-proofing your infrastructure. Along the way you’ll hear from school systems that have faced similar choices and the outcomes they’ve enjoyed as a result.

The Esports Edge

Esports programs are kicking off across the country as educators see the value in leveraging internet-based game-playing to boost STEM education. From encouraging students who may not be interested in school to pursue their education to growing the number of girls entering STEAM degree programs at the college level, esports are becoming increasingly important to create a pipeline of college-going students.