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What Kids Are Reading And How They Grow

Motivate students to grow as readers by knowing what they love!

Renaissance® announces What Kids Are Reading, 2017, an annual report to help you guide students to popular reading choices. See top picks by grade based on 9.9 million kids from 30,000 schools who read 346 million books and nonfiction articles. Based on the Accelerated Reader 360® database, no other study captures student reading behavior on this scale!

8 Ways to Help Kids Find the Evidence in Nonfiction

The search is on for evidence in nonfiction text. Today’s academic standards have students hunting for text evidence like detectives searching for clues. How can you strengthen every student’s ability to find and effectively use the right text evidence?

Don't Risk IT: Modern Secure Networks Provide the Foundation for Students to Learn without Limits

Aging networks are common in K-12 environments where budget constraints often push IT leaders to focus on more visible infrastructure components. As security breaches in school districts become more common, though, schools are realizing they’re taking unnecessary risks by operating network equipment beyond the end of its supported life.

Achieve Excellence with Blended Learning

As an educator, you know things are changing in your classroom—new educational techniques, new technology to help support those techniques, and a greater connection with each individual student. The world is changing and the way you teach your students is changing as well. Student-guided and technology-driven activities are helping create a truly personalized blended learning experience tailored for the needs and strengths of your students. The focus is more on the individual student. THE Journal has helped guide you through these transitions.

Better Special Education Student Services through Better SIS Integration

Managing Special Education services requires a robust software solution that gives students and staff resources needed to enhance the K-12 education experience. York Region District School Board needed a modern special education software solution that would give its students and staff these essential resources and tools. And, it had to integrate with its existing student information system.

Valley Christian Schools Saves Time and Money, Gains Efficiency & Capability

Valley Christian Schools partnered with the PowerSchool student information system in 2003, which has given the district grading improvements that are giving teachers more time to spend on teaching and less time on administrative, labor-intensive tasks. With PowerSchool, the district has also lowered operational costs, developed students into stakeholders, improved parent engagement, and much more.

How to Develop a RTI Program at Your School or District

It’s no secret that drop-out and failure rates are climbing, especially for at-risk students. With over 1.2 million students dropping out of high school every year in the U.S., the catastrophe adds up to nearly 7,000 students per day. Schools need a way to identify struggling students so they can intervene immediately to alter the course of action for students. Download this eBook to learn the 10 steps to developing an RTI model at your school, including 19 examples of what interventions are, tips to identifying struggling students, guidance to assign interventions and organize resources, and more.

Making the Leap; How—and why—your district should consider getting a new state-of-the-art student information system

If you’ve thought about getting a new student information system (SIS), but keep putting the decision off like a visit to the dentist you are trying to avoid, you are not alone. For help guiding you through the research of how to choose an SIS, this white paper is a valuable resource to start the process of choosing a new SIS for your school or school district.