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A Forward-Thinking Expansion of Customization and Shipping Capabilities

PC Connection, Inc. has relocated our Distribution and Configuration Center operations to a tremendous, cutting-edge facility that has effectively doubled our capacity for shipment and custom configuration, positioning us to meet your needs well into the future. Our commitment to customer service and satisfaction is our top priority, and our enhanced facility enables us to respond to customer needs—and continue to offer a quality of service that is second to none.

Coachella Valley USD – Protecting a 16,000 iPad Deployment

With an iPad for every student and every teacher, Coachella Valley improves the classroom experience and protects the community’s 16,000-iPad investment with Survivor All-Terrain rugged cases from Griffin.

An Ever-Expanding Universe of Windows 10 Apps for Education

The release of Windows 10 has further broadened an already expansive universe of apps and tools designed to drive new ways of collaborating and learning. Windows 10 learning apps offer teachers and students alike organizational and educational assistance, as well as simple integration into the classroom setting with cross-device capabilities. Here’s an overview of several highly rated apps helping today’s modern classrooms.

Windber Schools Enjoy Reliability and Gorgeous Graphics with Efficient, Cost-Effective VDI from FireFly Computers and ViewSonic® SC-T35 Thin Clients

Despite its limited IT budget, the Windber Area School District is committed to supporting the development of 21st century skills with the appropriate use of technology. A few years ago, abiding by this objective called for replacing severely outdated PCs isolated in labs with up-to-date, classroom-based workstations. The IT team assessed several options.

Lessons in Wireless for K-12 Schools

The increased use of computer technology in primary and secondary (K-12) educational institutions has enabled new educational tools and methods, higher productivity and improved communications. However, the reach of the computer network has limited the utility of computers and educational applications.

Milipitas Unified School District Help Students Take Charge of Learning Using Google for Education Tools

Milpitas Unified School District, based in Milpitas, California, is designing and equipping its 13 schools so that its 10,000 PreK-12 students can become self-directed lifelong learners. Milpitas USD has ambitious plans to become a leader in student-driven learning and use innovative approaches to boost educational quality and equity. As a district that didn’t even have wireless access until late 2012, Milpitas has transformed itself into a blended learning environment in which teachers craft personalized learning experiences based on student performance data and empower students to teach themselves – and one another.

Currey Ingram Academy: Maximizing Classroom Use of an iPad Deployment

Currey Ingram provides an environment rich in opportunities for students who have unique learning styles. In Currey Ingram’s Middle and Lower Schools, classroom technology, including extensive use of iPads, is crucial in enabling students and educators to customize and pursue students’ learning goals. Like any large scale technology deployment, Currey Ingram needed to maximize classroom use of its iPad deployment. Learn how in a learning environment where technology is integral, Griffin supplied Currey Ingram Academy with the protection and classroom accessories students need to succeed.

11 Mistakes Schools Make When Buying Charging and Storage Carts and How to Avoid Them

The anytime, anywhere era of learning is upon us. School districts and administrators are responding by bringing mobile learning devices into the classroom. Before you make a decision on a charging and storage cart to manage, secure, and charge these learning devices in the classroom, discover the 11 mistakes schools make when making this purchase and how you can avoid making them.