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What Does It Mean To Comprehend What One Reads

The following article describes the research and analysis that forms the foundation of Headsprout Reading Comprehension, including how the program teaches vocabulary and comprehension strategies, and the scientific development process underlying the program.

Microsoft Security Solutions for Education

Learn how Education customers are leveraging Microsoft Security Solutions to help protect messaging and collaboration environments from threats – and to improve and facilitate access to campus web portals.

Cloud Computing, the Mobile User and the K-12 IT Organization

As cloud computing adoption increases, many K-12 districts’ IT organizations haven’t changed. Budget constraints and required reductions are now forcing change, as reliance on IT to provide 24/7 reliability and support grows. This paper presents technology shifts and trends facing K-12 IT organizations and offers thoughts on an evolving industry that demands organizational changes with the advent of a new business model.

Beating the Odds: Keeping Kids in School With Career Technical Education

The challenge to the K-12 education community is to identify strategies and programs that keep students in school, and will help them become competitive in the job market by the time they graduate. Discover the relationship between Career & Technical Education and Adobe tools, which have had a significant, positive impact on K-12 education.

Report: TBR Notebook Desktop Satisfaction Study

Technology Business Research analyzes Lenovo’s performance over the last four years, against its competitors in the corporate notebook and desktop segments.

Cloud Computing: Considerations and Next Steps

Learn why cloud computing is an important transition and paradigm shift in IT services delivery.

Education with Virtualization

Learn why the students from Broadgreen International School are dedicated to setting the standard for 21st century education with state of the art technology.

Four Ways ECM Technology Can Support Your Disaster Recovery Strategy

See how enterprise content management (ECM) can not only optimize business processes and increase productivity but also act as a safety net if disaster strikes, helping your company restore normal operations quickly and smoothly.