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8 Ways to Help Kids Find the Evidence in Nonfiction

The search is on for evidence in nonfiction text. Today’s academic standards have students hunting for text evidence like detectives searching for clues. How can you strengthen every student’s ability to find and effectively use the right text evidence?

Don't Risk IT: Modern Secure Networks Provide the Foundation for Students to Learn without Limits

Aging networks are common in K-12 environments where budget constraints often push IT leaders to focus on more visible infrastructure components. As security breaches in school districts become more common, though, schools are realizing they’re taking unnecessary risks by operating network equipment beyond the end of its supported life.

Achieve Excellence with Blended Learning

As an educator, you know things are changing in your classroom—new educational techniques, new technology to help support those techniques, and a greater connection with each individual student. The world is changing and the way you teach your students is changing as well. Student-guided and technology-driven activities are helping create a truly personalized blended learning experience tailored for the needs and strengths of your students. The focus is more on the individual student. THE Journal has helped guide you through these transitions.