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Rapid-cycle Evaluation: An Efficient, Cost-effective Path to Understanding EdTech Value

Each year, U.S. schools and districts spend billions of dollars on edtech product licenses, but they lack the tools and resources necessary to enable educators and administrators to conduct practical evaluations of edtech effectiveness in a timely manner.

Beyond The Classroom Today: From Increasing Technology Access to Improving Student Learning Experiences

The long-tail impact of the COVID-19 pandemic continues in K-12 education, providing rich lessons learned from the experience for both educators and parents and continuing to stimulate new energy around how to improve educational experiences for all students. The jump start for this newfound interest was certainly the seismic jolt to the traditional school paradigm resulting from the shift to virtual learning in most schools and communities due to the pandemic.

How the Cloud Helped Portland Schools Transform IT Operations

Large school districts face some of the most multifaceted computing demands of any organization today. Teachers and students need fast networks and constant connectivity, while administrators and IT teams require tight security and system flexibility. Read how a recent migration project in Portland, Oregon, demonstrates how modern cloud technologies can help school IT leaders meet and exceed these demands.

The Ransomware Threat in K12: Response and Mitigation

School and district leaders can leverage new technologies and the collective knowledge of education organizations and their partners to protect their schools and the communities they serve from threats like ransomware. Read this issue brief to find out how.

Meeting Technology Goals with the Cloud in Austin

Read this case study to find out how the Austin Independent School District is using the cloud to drive the district’s three essential technology goals: simple, standard and secure.

Leveling Up Learning: The Impact of Esports on Student Achievement

In recent years, many schools and universities have started incorporating esports into their curriculum, recognizing the many benefits that it can provide for students, such as teamwork, communication, and problem-solving.

Powered by Lightspeed: How Beaverton School District Thinks Big

Don't let staff shortages limit your ability to provide safe, secure, and equitable education for your students. Lightspeed Systems' centralized platform simplifies the way districts of all sizes operate and frees up staff time to focus on what matters most: students and their learning.

Overcoming Obstacles to Bridging the Digital Divide in K-12 Learning

The fact is: ensuring equitable access to digital learning is a uniquely complex and challenging problem to solve. District teams often lack the necessary data and time needed to effectively identify and resolve connectivity issues that prevent students from accessing learning outside of school.