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Implementing Search and Generating AI for Your Knowledge Base

It can be intimidating to implement search for your knowledge base especially when building a state of the art generative AI experience for your end-users. Download this whitepaper to learn more!

From Classroom to Career: Helping Black Students Succeed in STEM Careers

Black students have long confronted systemic barriers hindering their access to STEM opportunities. Despite incremental progress, these disparities persist, perpetuating inequalities in economic and societal spheres. Download this report to learn more!

The CIS SOC: The Key to Growing Your SLTT's Cyber Maturity

Download this guide to learn about a typical SOC and how your organization can navigate cybersecurity concerns with the help of the Center for Internet Security® (CIS®) Security Operations Center!

How Observability Solves Key IT Challenges in K-12 Education

Staffing constraints, cybersecurity threats, and tool proliferation are making IT increasingly difficult for schools and districts to manage and secure. Technology can help ease those challenges and streamline operations for K-12. Download this Whitepaper today!

Guide: Going Serverless for Education

Discover how to centralize printer and driver management with a cloud-based solution to reduce costs and streamline printing for faculty and students across campuses. Download today!

Lamar CISD Case Study

Discover how Lamar CISD eliminated print servers across 45 locations and centralized print management for 37,000 devices—in just two days!

3 CIS Resources to Help You Drive Your Cloud Cybersecurity

Download this whitepaper today to uncover how you can use resources from the Center for Internet Security® (CIS®) to create such an approach!

Intelligence-Driven Documentation Lays the Groundwork for Innovation

Information sprawl threatens to slow innovation in education, but better tools and approaches to IT documentation enable IT to focus on news ways to optimize operations and better support the core goals of educational institutions. Download now to learn more!