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Legacy phone lines are draining your profits

Legacy analog phone lines, also known as Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS), are becoming more expensive to maintain, leading many schools to seek alternatives. These POTS lines are used in life safety systems such as fire alarms, building entry systems and fax machines. However, carriers are phasing out these lines, charging more and providing less support.

Dare County Schools Secures Student Success Today and into the Future with High-Speed Connectivity

Recently, the use of video streaming, virtual learning and online instruction has increased greatly, as digital learning became more widely adopted in the classroom. This has caused many school districts to adapt at a faster pace than some are prepared for.

A Charter School Gets E-Learning Up To Speed with a Modern WiFi Solution

The Academy of Hope had been struggling with its technology infrastructure, particularly its wireless connectivity, for several years due to budget constraints and a lack of highly skilled IT resources. The school obtained federal E-Rate funding for an upgrade and found a partner to provide a much needed modern WiFi solution.

Advancing K-12 Network Security with Zero Trust

Rising cyberattacks, new federal requirements, and an evolving education landscape have pushed cybersecurity to the forefront for just about every district IT leader.

The Ultimate OS Showdown: Windows vs Chrome for K-12 Teachers and Admin

Ready for the ultimate Windows vs Chrome showdown? Tailored specifically to professionals in K-12 education, this snappy side-by-side of Windows OS and Chrome OS gives you the tools you need to choose the “perfect fit” device for teachers and admin at your school.

From Fundamentals to Plus: Finding your “Perfect Fit” Google Workspace License for Your School

Did you know about Google Workspace for Education’s four different licenses, all bursting with tools and features to elevate teaching and learning? Now the question is, “which one best suits teachers, admins, and students at my school?”

The Right Technology Drives Successful Experiences

In the remote-work and remote-learning era, a thoughtful approach to technology use in general, and network infrastructure in particular, can help schools deliver outstanding results. Download this informative Tech Tactics program to learn the five Do's and the five Don'ts to ensure your school or district has the right network infrastructure in place to provide positive interactions for individuals learning and working on and off campus.

Membership 101: Getting the Most Out of Your Membership

The cyber threat landscape confronting schools has grown in complexity since the pandemic. Today, K-12 schools find themselves a primary target of cyber threat actors. The issue is that 81% of K-12 organizations report struggling with a lack of sufficient funds, which means they can't always afford resources to protect their systems and data.