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Leveraging AI/ML in K-12

The rapid rise of large language models and generative AI has fueled uncertainty about how artificial intelligence and machine learning will impact education. Rather than see AI/ML as a threat, K-12 leaders and educators should focus on how the fast-changing technology can improve educational experiences.

A Charter School Gets E-Learning Up To Speed with a Modern WiFi Solution

The Academy of Hope had been struggling with its technology infrastructure, particularly its wireless connectivity, for several years due to budget constraints and a lack of highly skilled IT resources. The school obtained federal E-Rate funding for an upgrade and found a partner to provide a much needed modern WiFi solution.

Confronting the New Reality of Today’s Student Mental Health Crisis

Contending with the student mental health crisis is a collaborative effort in today’s school districts. Everyone plays an important part, but it can also be difficult to get all of the well-intentioned pieces moving in the same direction.

The Ultimate OS Showdown: Windows vs Chrome for K-12 Teachers and Admin

Ready for the ultimate Windows vs Chrome showdown? Tailored specifically to use cases in K-12 education, this snappy side-by-side of Windows OS and Chrome OS gives you the tools you need to choose the “perfect fit” device for teachers and admin at your school.

From Fundamentals to Plus: Finding your “Perfect Fit” Google Workspace License for Your School

Did you know that Google Workspace for Education offers four different licenses, all bursting with tools and features to elevate teaching and learning? Now the question is, “which one best suits teachers, admins, and students at my school?”

How Hays CISD Empowers Staff to Support Student Safety, Wellness, & Engagement

Hays Consolidated Independent School District’s safety, IT, and classroom leaders joined Lightspeed for the next webinar in the Powered by Lightspeed Series.

7 Strategies for Improving Student Safety with Technology

School districts across the nation are facing an uphill battle when it comes to providing adequate mental health and safety support to their students. The Great Resignation has left school safety teams short-staffed and overwhelmed—a dangerous combination as school violence is on the rise and student mental health is on the decline.