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2022 Edtech App Report

The 2022 Edtech App Report offers K-12 district leaders powerful and practical data surrounding the use of technology in today's school districts. It provides valuable insights on district safety, cybersecurity, and budgeting, gleaned from national trends.

Boosting Classroom Engagement, EdTech Impact, and Student Safety in Shreveport, Louisiana

Caddo Parish Public Schools is one of the state's top-performing schools and has been recognized with over a dozen merit-based awards from the U.S. Department of Education. They turned to Lightspeed Systems for support in optimizing their edtech ecosystem by harnessing actionable insights from educational app usage and simplifying data management and analysis.

5 Steps to Reviewing Your Digital Learning Ecosystem and Preparing Your 2023-2024 Budget

For those who are currently assessing their edtech ecosystem and preparing their digital technology budget for 2023-2024, our in-house experts at Lightspeed Systems® have joined forces with K-12 district leaders to create a comprehensive five-step guide.

The Digital Divide by the Numbers

After years of discussion around the homework gap and digital divide in K-12 education, are today’s students today better equipped to access learning materials outside the classroom? Districts have invested in access points and other devices, and students have returned to the classroom, but recent data suggests that this remains a persistent and unresolved issue.

Your District's Guide to Building a Stronger EdTech Ecosystem

Building an equitable, efficient and effective technology ecosystem requires intention and precision. Technology teams juggle budget management, existing tech ecosystems and exploring new solutions, making it challenging to navigate a noisy marketplace to find the best solutions for their educators and students.

Financial Management that Stands Up to Federal Funding Requirements

In most K-12 districts, outdated spreadsheets and manual processes define the financial management toolset. That’s increasingly problematic these days, when an influx of federal funding has elevated the level of public scrutiny.

Securing the Network Edge

Zero Trust acknowledges there is no longer a traditional network perimeter to be defended, because applications now exist in the cloud and users can log into the network from any location.

4 Keys to Success with Zero Trust

While Zero Trust can be challenging to implement for any district, its potential for reducing risks and improving network security is significant.