Dukane Unveils Seven New LCD Panels and Projectors

Dukane Corp. has unveiled seven new LCD products&emdash;three color LCD panels, three LCD projectors and one overhead projector&emdash;that deliver exceptional image quality in truly compact units. The three panels in the MagniView 400 series all sport "light blockers," shields that slide out from underneath the panel to cover the overhead stage and distract excess light. Models 488B and 487 project both computer data and full-motion video and have a unique Freeze Image function; the Model 486 is for data only. Each MagniView panel weighs six pounds and features an 8.4" active-matrix color TFT LCD with 640 x 480 VGA resolution. A universal auto-sensing power supply automatically selects the correct input voltage. Next, ImagePro multimedia projectors combine advanced optics technology&emdash;vari-focus lenses with a keystone correction of 10 degrees&emdash;and user-replaceable metal halide lamps that produce more than 300 ANSI lumens onscreen. The result is super-bright projected images that range from 44" to 180" diagonal. Models 8010 and 8000 support full-motion video with a palette of two million colors, a contrast ratio of 100:1 and a 30-50 ms. response time. Tailored for portable presentations, the ImagePro 7010 features an infrared remote control with backlit buttons for adjusting power zoom, focus, volume and menus from up to 35 feet away. Finally, the 638 Overhead Projector delivers 3,000 lumens of light; it combines a closed double element projection lens with a high-quality Fresnel for under $350. Dukane Corp., Audio Visual Products Division, St. Charles, IL, (708) 584-2300.

This article originally appeared in the 11/01/1995 issue of THE Journal.