Scholastic Edition Trains 3D Animators

ElectricImage Scholastic Edition, a functional subset of this well-known 3D animation package, can help students expand their career opportunities with the many companies seeking skilled animators.

This academic edition offers inverse kinematics, sync sound, smart deformations, animate in time or keyframes, oversample and adaptive anti-aliasing, a variety of motion paths, QuickTime output and other features found in the full-scale version.

Designed expressly as a training product, the Scholastic Edition's rendering resolution is limited to 512 x 384 and its files are not compatible with the commercial version. It is priced at $795.

"We are constantly approached by customers looking for new animation talent. This will help to fulfill that need," explains Matthew Hoffman, director of product development.

"Those who familiarize themselves with this product should have no trouble finding work if they have the talent."

Electric Image will even offer a placement service for those who have purchased and logged time with the Scholastic Edition. Electric Image, Pasadena, CA, (818) 577-1627,

This article originally appeared in the 05/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.