Create Cool Animations for Presentations

3d Choreographer allows one to create eye-catching animation without any previous animation experience. The .FLC or .AVI files created by the program can be embedded in PowerPoint, Freelance, Harvard Graphics and other presentation software, giving educators a convenient way to spice up their lectures or presentations.
The software includes hundreds of characters available for animating: people of all races, ages and professions; 3D arrows; globes; dinosaurs; animals; cartoon characters and much more.
Actors can be customized by changing features such as hair style, skin color, nose shape, height, weight, etc. Every body part has built-in commands from arching the eyebrows, to running, swimming and jumping. Using its unique Layered Command Driven Animation, 3d Choreographer allows multiple simultaneous or overlapping actions. For example, a woman can dance, wink and smile, all at the same time. Users can also combine a photo or drawing with a 3D character. AniCom, Inc., Chapel Hill, NC, (800) 949-4559, s

This article originally appeared in the 08/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.