Teachers Can Control Any Student's PC

A software-independent solution, the WEB lets instructors control the functions of all monitors, keyboards and mice in a networked computing environment. It works with PCs, Macintoshes or a mixture of these computers. Teachers can, for example, transmit whatever is on their screen to any number of student monitors. This suits software demonstrations and many other training applications. Teachers also may automatically scan student monitors, assuming control of a computer if necessary to provide individualized help. Or, students can take turns working collaboratively on the instructor's machine while others look on. In addition, because most monitors double easily as TVs, the WEB enables full-motion video to be broadcast right to the desktop (whether from a VCR, cable, camera or satellite dish). Add-on modules include an array of video sources, a drawing tool, a miniature camera and a port for direct connection of projection devices. A basic configuration is one teacher control panel and system controller and one student unit for each student computer, plus connecting cables. Two or more WEB-equipped classrooms can be linked over an ordinary phone line and function as a single learning environment. COMWEB Technology Group, Wayne, NJ, (201) 890-0010.

This article originally appeared in the 09/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.