Marks Made Easy With New OMR SW

Remark Office, an OMR software package, eliminates the need to purchase specially printed OMR forms that employ drop-out colors and timing marks. Using a word processor or survey design package, forms can be created, printed on a laser printer and scanned using virtually any desktop scanner. The software's output is compatible with any database, spreadsheet or statistics package. Version 3.0 of Remark adds the ability to recognize barcodes on plain-paper forms. Barcodes can be placed anywhere on the form and can be used to capture names, address information or other identification data. Three barcode symbologies are recognized: Codabar, Code 39 and Interleaved 2 of 5. Test grading features and statistics calculations provide graphs and charts representing item analysis, class distribution, student grade reports and more. Principia Products, Inc., West Chester, PA, (800) 858-0860, W

This article originally appeared in the 11/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.