Videodisc Features Florida History

Florida History on Laser Disc is the first in a series of state histories to be released on videodisc. The disc includes one hour of video consisting of 45 video segments that last from 30 seconds to three minutes. These segments feature personal accounts of historical events told by actors portraying famous men and women, including Ponce de Leon, Sir Frances Drake, Andrew Jackson and Osceola, among many others. The first side highlights the Spanish and French role in Florida before the 1600's. Side two introduces the conflicts between Britain and Spain concerning Florida as well as the conflicts between the Seminole Indians and the role Florida played in the Civil War. Florida History on Laser Disc includes 375 slides that are bar-coded as well as frame numbered. INTECH Systems, Inc., Gulf Breeze, FL, (904) 932-4380.

This article originally appeared in the 11/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.