Vast Greek Resource Boasts 25,000 Images

Perseus 2.0 is a vast and diverse multimedia resource of primary source and supporting reference materials on ancient Greece.

Developed by a team of experts and offered by Yale University Press, this second version builds on the "trailblazing" Perseus 1.0 of 1992.

More than 25,000 full-screen images of ancient Greek vases, sculpture, architecture and sites, and an extensive atlas including schematic, satellite and topographical maps of ancient and present-day Greece supply an unrivaled source of information on ancient Greek culture.

The Mac program, on four CDs, also includes the complete works of 31 ancient authors in Greek with classic English translations from the L'eb Classical Library; an online version of the Liddell-Scott Intermediate Greek-English Lexicon; a hypertextual encyclopedia of major historical and mythological figures, places and terms; a chronological summary, with hyperlinks, of the major historical and cultural events from the archaic period to Alexander the Great; and a bibliographical database with full citations for nearly 3,000 works.

A Concise Edition on one CD, containing the complete textual database as well as a set of 5,200 full-screen images and all 25,000 images in small format, is also available at a reduced price. Yale University Press, New Haven, CT, (203) 432-0960, M

This article originally appeared in the 01/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.