LAN Voice Server Adds New Feature

The PhoneMaster 2000 LAN Voice Server now supports remote access by voice phone call to any information that can be provided in ASCII text data files.

A new File-Based IVR Feature Module has an onscreen "script editor" to easily create dialogue scripts that instruct the product what to say and where to get data for each field. IVR (Interactive Voice Response) scripts can also collect information from callers, like pre-enrollment course requests, into ASCII files for export.

Phone Master 2000 works with any student information system, spreadsheet or database that can export ASCII files. It "speaks" numeric information such as money, dates, percentages, etc., using natural sounding human speech. U.S. Telecom, Joplin, MO, (800) 835-7788, 

This article originally appeared in the 02/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.