New Printer Boasts Smear-Free Ink

The HJ-800 plain-paper printer from Mutoh suits a number of high-end graphics applications including the production of posters, banners, backlit signs and photo enlargements. It can print a 34" x 44" image at a resolution of 300 dpi in about 12 minutes (24 minutes in enhanced mode).

Custom-developed wax ink sticks are melted and applied to the surface of the media; this "solid ink" d'es not smear, leaving pure, saturated color. A sophisticated ink-sensing mechanism informs users when it is low or empty; ink can be reloaded without interrupting the printing process.

Though the HJ-900 will print on any media, Mutoh offers a line of media specifically designed for it. Mutoh America, Ph'enix, AZ, (800) 99-MUTOH,

This article originally appeared in the 02/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.