Videodisc Series Centers on Science

The Living Textbook on videodisc combines video, print and computers to present scientific information in an exciting way. Titles include The Human Body, Geology and Meteorology, Cosmic Chemistry, Field Trips, Beyond Earth and more.

The curriculum supports other learning activities including tutorials, independent study and student-centered learning projects. Instructors control the pace of the presentation -- freezing movie clips for a crystal clear image, playing clips in slow motion for greater examination or switching between pictures to highlight differences.

Each title comes with The Living Textbook Lesson Bank on CD-ROM, which includes ready-to-print bar-coded lesson plans and student activities for the entire series.

Many secondary science texts published by Merrill, Heath, Addison-Wesley, Mosby or Prentice-Hall are already correlated to The Living Textbook, with bar codes in the margin of the teacher's edition, corresponding to movies, photographs, animation and diagrams on videodisc. Optical Data School Media, Atlanta, GA, (800) 524-2481, showcase/opticaldata.

This article originally appeared in the 02/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.