Order Mac Batteries, Install Them Yourself

The ClarisWorks Users Group (CWUG) now sells replacement batteries for Macintosh computers for the low price of $7 apiece. Local electronics shops typically charge $14 to $20 per battery, plus $35 to $50 for labor.

Batteries store the date and time as well as Control Panel and Chooser settings. This backup battery eventually loses its charge and fails.

The lithium batteries available from CWUG have a 10-year shelf life; they are manufactured to Appleís specifications and come with a money-back satisfaction guarantee.

CWUGís batteries fit Macintosh si and later systems, not PowerBooks or older desktop machines. Step-by-step replacement directions are included. ClarisWorks Users Group, Plymouth, MI, (313) 454-1969.

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This article originally appeared in the 05/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.