Geographic Research Is Made Fun

TimeCity Flashback Atlas
Grade: 6 -- Hi-Ed.
Platform: Windows 3.x/95, PowerMac, Mac 7.x

Geographic Research Is Made Fun

TimeCity Flashback Atlas is an interesting new addition to Now What Software's Small Blue Planet Series of geographic multimedia.

It combines decades-old and current aerial photography, providing a unique visual historical tour of urban America over time. For example, one can observe office buildings dating from WWI and WWII along with baseball diamonds dotting the Mall in Washington, D.C., in a 1948 image. Superimpose the 1994 photo, however, and those buildings have been replaced by new Smithsonian structures.

Users can create annotation markers in a variety of crosshairs and shapes, adding notes for later retrieval. Using a tool called the Looking Glass, one can see through the current image to one or more historical views to compare landscape change, real estate development, city planning and the growth of skyscrapers.

TimeCity Flashback Atlas also utilizes digital street maps from Etak, letting one identify locations or even look up specific addresses. Sample news items from the date of the photograph can also be researched, lending yet another historical "perspective." The SRP for this unique tool is around $40. Now What Software, San Francisco, CA, (800) 322-1954, www.XXX?

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This article originally appeared in the 08/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.