Biodiversity and Conservation Highlighted in CD-ROM

Island Press’ CD-ROM, Conserving Earth’s Biodiversity with E.O. Wilson, introduces a new way to study and teach conservation biology and environmental science. Based on the teachings and writings of renowned biologist Edward O. Wilson, this educational tool is an engaging and thorough introduction to a field of critical importance. Wilson introduces a wide variety of topics, helping students understand the major aspects of conservation biology, including its biological, social, political and economic elements, and describes what needs to be understood in order to protect biodiversity.

The program allows users to interact with the materials and examine topics in depth. Ten participatory exercises enable students to explore quantitative topics in conservation biology, while 15 detailed maps illustrate topics such as deforestation patterns, distribution of ecosystems, location of critical conservation regions, human population density, current land cover, and plant diversity. Wilson shares his knowledge via video clips and questions for further thought. Detailed case studies provide further insight into conservation issues, and more than 1,000 full color photographs illustrate the breathtaking diversity of life.

The software also offers active links to conservation Web sites and references to further information in books and journals. The program, appropriate for all students of biology and ecology, includes a detailed instructor’s manual with lesson plan ideas. Island Press, Washington, DC, (202) 232-7933,

This article originally appeared in the 02/01/2000 issue of THE Journal.