New Releases - MagicBox

The VIP Video Information Player from MagicBox, Inc. is a video messaging system that works with your PC and standard video monitor to produce custom messages you can broadcast 24 hours a day. The system can be used with one or more video monitors simultaneously.

Featuring hundreds of background images and fonts, VIP Composer software runs on your own PC. A digital camera or scanner can also be used to custom-create images. Messages can be sequenced in any order, and updating is simple. Messages can be updated daily, or months in advance. Once messages are created and scheduled, the software lets you "publish" to a floppy disk in one step. Then, simply insert the disk into the VIP Video Information Player, and messages will begin to play. MagicBox, Corvallis, OR, (541) 752-5654,

This article originally appeared in the 02/01/2000 issue of THE Journal.