RISO, Inc. has introduced the PS050, an in-line finishing product that will perforate, slit, score and number documents, all in one pass. It works in-line with the GR3770, a digital duplicator, for fast, one-step printing. The PS8050 is ideal for scoring tri-fold flyers, mailers and greeting cards, and for perforating tear-off reply cards and forms, slitting multiple prints, and numbering forms, receipts and tickets.

Up to four numbering heads offer flexibility in numbering configurations, and up to four accessory holders allow users to do multiple perforating, slitting, and scoring functions simultaneously. A job memory function stores up to 100 numbering jobs for recall of frequently printed jobs, and allows those jobs to be edited. Built-in self-diagnostics help quickly identify problems, often enabling corrections to be made with a single phone call. RISO, Inc., Danvers, MA, (978) 777-7377,

This article originally appeared in the 03/01/2000 issue of THE Journal.