Launching Cooperative Satellite Router Technology

Philips and Helius have agreed to cooperate on satellite router technology, incorporating Helius’ software technology into Philips’ CleverCast Router. With this partnership, Philips’ products will be enhanced with Helius technology. The CleverCast Router is the first product to incorporate the newly shared technology.


An open standards-based routing device that integrates satellite RF and traditional land line Internet service, the CleverCast Router offers flexible routing capabilities that meet a wide range of application needs. For instance, it allows video streaming over a broadband IP network and incorporates features like automatic line failure re-routing and built-in remote management. It also uses Caldera’s Linux OS kernel and is compatible with all Linux-based Internet applications and services. Ideal for schools in remote areas, the router will support an unlimited number of multicast clients and can provide hundreds of concurrent users with high-speed Internet access.


By using Helius Optimized technology, throughput to users is increased up to 400 percent over standard delivery systems. Helius’ Virtual Technician service will also be integrated into the product. This tool allows remote management and support of large-scale Customer Premise Satellite Interface installations. It uses simple network management protocol (SNMP) for system performance monitoring, while its architecture supports the development of customer-specific applications. Helius Inc., Orem, UT, (801) 764-9020,

This article originally appeared in the 04/01/2000 issue of THE Journal.