All Grading Tasks on One Software Program

Created and tested by educators, GradeSpeed is a gradebook for PCs that lets teachers record grades and report them as needed to students, parents and administrators. Its Web interface lets parents and students check current grades, attendance, upcoming assignments, and lesson handouts online. At report card time, school staff can capture grades via disk or the available network interface with the school’s administrative software. With the network version of GradeSpeed, principals and counselors can also check an individual student’s grades and classes, or review campus-wide progress any time.

Since student and course information is automatically loaded and updated, teachers only need to enter assignments and grades. GradeSpeed can then group similar classes, customize assignment categories, average grades, report cumulative averages, and display the current average with the cumulative average and extra credit information on a single screen. The program will also show students’ personal information, present progress reports for one or many students, maintain class rosters, produce grade sheet reports, generate missing assignment reports, track and report attendance, manage lesson plans, and design seating charts. A free non-network version of the software is available from the company’s Web site. GradeSpeed, San Antonio, TX, (800) 722-1619,

This article originally appeared in the 10/01/2000 issue of THE Journal.