Updated Software Aids in Educational Planning

EDmin.com, a provider of Web-based educational applications,has released the newest version of its VirtualEducation 3.0 software. Tied directly to state and district levelcurriculum standards, Virtual Education gives educators the tools to assessstudent performance in real time. With the release of the new 3.0 version ofthe software, Edmin.com has improved the functionality of the suite, increasingease of use, flexibility and access to information. These new enhancementsallow users to personalize the system with customized vocabulary, to setpreferences on color and display options, to access online help, and to linkautomatically to pertinent information within the viewer’s district.

This suite of applications, designed to help schools useonline, real-time information to improve educational practices, has eightinterconnected modules that help build a “performance community” whereteachers, students, parents and community members are joined in a collaborativeatmosphere. Version 3.0 includes specific enhancements to the eight modules.For example, the assessment module lets educators compare individual studentperformance to the class average, while the staff development module allows usersto plan professional development and manage courses for teachers, staff and thecommunity. EDmin.com, San Diego, CA,(619) 296-8090, www.edmin.com.

This article originally appeared in the 12/01/2000 issue of THE Journal.

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