NetTV (800-440-6388, has introduced two flat-screen IP display models: the DTV-34XF3 and the DTV-29XF3 with 32" and 27" viewable areas, respectively. Both models offer features such as native XGA resolution, front and back HD-15 pin computer connectors, glare-resistant flat screens, multiple A/V inputs, and a12-watt speaker system. They also provide TCP/IP controllable features that are accessible from any Web browser. In addition, the TCP/IP remote control makes the NetTV digital displays more compatible with educational network infrastructures, especially in schools and districts with media delivery systems, according to Andy Fischer, NetTV's general manager. Another great feature for schools is that the displays can be easily mounted on the wall, ceiling or on a rolling cart.

This article originally appeared in the 04/01/2004 issue of THE Journal.