Penn State Expands Professional Development Program for School Nurses


Pennsylvania State University has expanded the summer session of its professional development program for school nurses in a variety of ways. In addition to new course offerings in the curriculum, the program now offers its courses at 15 PSU satellite campuses, as well as online.

The courses are offered in a condensed format designed for rapid but intensive learning. Participants can earn up to 6 credits within a two-week period. The professional development program can help satisfy Act 48 requirements for school nurses, and some courses can be used towards a bachelors or advanced degree, and by registered nurses towards Act 58 requirements.

Some of the summer offerings include: Drugs of Abuse and Mental Health Issues; Emergency Care and Safety; Promoting Healthy Lifestyles for the School-Age Population; School Health and Emergency Care of Children and Adolescents; Legal and Professional Issues in School Nursing; and a new 1-credit course Medication Update and Health Teaching Interventions for School Nurses.

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