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Promethean, Waterford Launch Whiteboard Lessons for Early Reading

Waterford and Promethean announced this week at the FETC 2010 conference that they have created a set of ActivLessons (interactive whiteboard lessons) designed to boost reading comprehension in early education students.

The new lessons are based on phonological awareness (awareness of sound structure related to spoken words) and use clickable illustrations, sing-along nursery rhymes, and traditional stories to teach children vocabulary, sequencing skills and the ability to distinguish spoken sounds.

Some themed resources available through Promethean World

The ActivLessons will be available on Promethean Planet by series, in bundles of three, or individually. Waterford will have the ActivLessons featured on its new e-commerce site.

Promethean currently offers a wide range of lesson plans and other resources through Promethean Planet, including lesson plans for English, science, and history at a variety of grade levels. Its themed lesson plan packs bundle lesson plans focused on a topic like World War II, Native Americans, and Heritage or spotlight groupings of related materials, such as "Manga Shakespeare" or materials for ELL students. Resource packs include images, "action objects," backgrounds, and other materials to be used in conjunction with lesson plans.

Further Information about the new resources is available here.

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