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Education Nonprofit Intros K-5 Math Instructional System

At the FETC 2010 conference in Orlando, FL educational non-profit researcher and publisher MIND Research Institute announced its newest innovations in elementary mathematics instruction. The neuroscience-based instructional math software "ST Math: Integrated Instructional System" (IIS) and "ST Math: Fluency" both use the institute's visual approach and game design for spatial temporal reasoning.

Upon its release this summer, IIS will offer the ST Math software via the Web and will integrate formerly supplemental teaching and learning tools into core mathematics instruction. It will combine enhanced content from the existing ST: Math curriculum with assessment, improved reporting, and several advanced functions and features for students and educators alike.

Funded in part by grants from the Cisco Foundation, IIS promises a new dimension of math learning. Explained Ted Smith, chairman of MIND Research, "The system incorporates neuroscience derived math content, drives popular Smart Boards,... and provides the tools teachers need to ensure students master math, within a virtual learning environment that appeals to young students."

ST Math: Fluency is a supplemental tool that uses animated content to help students develop an intuitive process of quickly and effortlessly retrieving basic math facts.

Users can maximize learning time with unlimited access from both school and home computers. The system will be available to schools as a site license beginning this summer.

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