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Houston Area District Revamps Data Management

In an effort to save time and resources related to data compilation, Klein Independent School District (KISD) in suburban Houston has overhauled its data management systems. The district rolled out the complete Mizuni Solution for School Districts. Klein ISD, which enrolls 45,000 students in 37 schools and covers a relatively wide geographic area, reported that the full implementation of the system took about a month.

KISD said it chose the Mizuni solution to help it streamline and improve data collection and quality and to make data more easily accessible to all of its teachers, counselors, and administrators. The district said it plans in the coming months to integrate data from all areas of operation, including finance, transportation, food services, and human resources.

Vicki James, executive director of student information systems, said that, in one month, "Mizuni pulled five years of historical data from our student information system into the Mizuni Data Warehouse and loaded five years of TAKS [state] test data for all 45,000 students."

The Mizuni District Solution includes all of the following applications:

  • Dashboard Suite, which provides automated reports, trend analysis, and student performance data using a Web interface;
  • Data Warehouse, which provides longitudinal analyses of current and historical data by storing district data in a central repository;
  • Zone Integration Server, which is designed to eliminate redundant data entry by sharing data in real-time between disparate applications utilizing the SIF specification; and
  • SIF Agents, designed to mitigate risk and reduce the cost of application integration by leveraging the SIF specification to promote real-time data sharing and improve data quality.

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