Teacher Quality Partnership

ED Grants Target Teacher Preparation

As part of the federal government's ongoing effort to improve the nation's K-12 education system, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan has announced 12 new Teacher Quality Partnership grants. Funded by the federal stimulus package and totaling about $99.8 million, the TQP grants have been awarded to programs in 11 states that seek to improve the quality of their teacher preparation.

The five-year grants will be targeted towards reforming teacher preparation at the nation's colleges and universities and either creating or improving "residency" programs for those transitioning to teaching from other fields.

"These grants will strengthen teacher preparation and residency programs to ensure that new teachers, whether entering from college or from other careers, have the skills to boost student learning and be highly effective in today's diverse and challenging classrooms," said Arne Duncan, secretary of education, in a prepared statement.

The following are the institutions and programs receiving the TQP grants:

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