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Renaissance Learning Integrates Classroom Clickers with Ignite, Datawise

Renaissance Learning has partnered up to integrate its classroom response systems with content from Ignite! Learning and the Datawise Measures assessment management system.

Handheld wireless Renaissance polling devices communicate student answers to teacher questions as part of the 2Know! classroom response system. The company also makes the Neo2, a laptop that also functions as a classroom response system, integrating with products from Ignite!, Datawise, and other outside vendors via free software download. Although the responder device does not have a full keyboard like the Neo2, students can provide short answers in a manner similar to text messaging on a cell phone in addition to multiple choice and true-false answering functionality. Both products align to response to intervention criteria for struggling students through Neo2's Keywords and WriteOn! features and AccelTest software included with the 2Know! package.

Ignite! Learning's curriculum targets at-risk middle school learners in grades 4 through 8 through interactive video and assessment content aligned to state and local instruction standards, while the Datawise system features test delivery, progress analysis, and reporting tools.

The 2Know! response system, including receiver, software, and 24 handheld responder devices, costs $1,395. Individual responder units can be purchased for $39 each. The Neo2 device is priced at $149. Although the updates for Ignite! and Datawise integration will not be available until later in 2010, all of these products will be demonstrated at the ISTE conference in Denver, CO, June 27-30.

More information can be found here.

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