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Knowledge Adventure Takes Blaster Multiplayer Math Game Online

Gaming software publisher Knowledge Adventure has relaunched its Blaster line of educational games with an online version of the multiplayer title Math Blaster, previously only available as site software.

A multi-level, multiplayer, interactive animated adventure with vivid graphics, sound effects, and music, Math Blaster resembles, in its design and operation, many popular action and adventure genre video games more than it does a conventional educational game. And Knowledge Adventure means for this to be a strong component of its allure, according to Lori Berget, executive producer.

"What we wanted to do was design fun games, games where a kid can say, 'I like this,' just the same as any other arcade game," explained Berget. "I had a kid come in the other day to test this game. This was a 10-year-old boy, and they are already pretty particular about what types of games they want to play. They don't want to play games specifically for kids. And he kept saying 'I really like this!' He was totally surprised that he wanted to play a math game. And that's what we wanted [to create]."

New players start with math-based arcade games and adventures, and as they build their skills at the game and at the math topics covered, they move up to the Intergalactic Space Patrol, where tougher math challenges and more exciting adventures await them.

"For Math Blaster, we're going after the kinds of skills you have to memorize, being able to do problems in your head." Berget said. "Subsequent releases, we're going to go after the skills that kids struggle with. You have to understand what numbers mean. For instance, rounding, large numbers, etc. And we'll work it into an adventure game scenario."

In addition, Knowledge Adventure will soon begin offering a new, more advanced challenge, HyperBlast, especially for the Apple iPad. Finally, the company Web site offers a wide variety of online games free of charge for all grades and skill levels, and covering math, science, and phonics, as well as strategic analysis and basic skills. For a complete list of offerings, visit the Knowledge Adventure game gallery. For more advanced and immersive games available for purchase to use on various platforms (Mac OS X, WIndows, iPad, iPhone, DS, Wii), visit the Knowledge Adventure Store.

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