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StudyBlue Explores its Mobile Students' Study Habits

According to customer data compiled by mobile study service StudyBlue, high school and college-aged students who use the company's mobile apps to study do so more often and more efficiently.

According to login data, students who use the StudyBlue Android and iPhone apps spent an additional 40 minutes studying every week compared to students who only logged in via the web.

Data on usage times is equally revealing. According to the findings, mobile users were two times more likely than their non-mobile counterparts to study between 6:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. Additionally, 71 percent of mobile StudyBlue users tracked their progress by scoring their study sessions, while only 24 percent of web-based users measured performance.

“Considering modern students’ propensity for multi-tasking, studying on mobile phones fits intuitively into their lifestyles,” said StudyBlue CEO Becky Splitt.

Nearly 40 percent of the mobile study sessions examined included a break involving another activity on the mobile device. On average, students took nearly three breaks during each study session, jumping between activities, such as talking on the phone, text messaging and checking e-mail.

The infographic features data mined from the company’s database of nearly 1 million students during the fall 2011 semester. View the complete infographic online.

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