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Mizuni Launches Modular Data Management Platform

Mizuni has launched a new cloud-based data management platform for K-12 districts called Mizuni Aspire.

With a touchscreen interface developed specifically for tablets and smartphones, the new system is designed to provide data visualization, notifications, and predictive analysis through modules that can be used individually or in combination with one another.

The first two modules are Mizuni Aspire Perform and Mizuni Aspire Integrate.

Perform is designed to help school districts to establish and monitor goals across student performance indicators shown by research to predict student achievement," according to information released by the company. Indicators, which can be monitored at the individual, classroom, learning community, grade, and building level, include data on attendance, assessments, course credits, discipline, grades, mobility, and suspension.

The Integrate module is designed to automate data transfer between systems to reduce redundancy in data entry. Adapters "are available for most student information systems and K-12 applications," according to information released by Mizuni.

The module structure of the platform is designed to streamline implementation, improve customization and reduce risks by allowing districts to deploy only the pieces that they need at any given time.

"We noticed three trends in K-12 education that are changing the data management environment: reduction of technology budgets for software applications; frequent turnover and decrease in technology staff; and expectation of anytime, everywhere access for all applications," said Shane Gibbons, director of research and development at Mizuni. "These financial and resource pressures mixed with higher user expectations led us to invest in the research and development of Mizuni Aspire."

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