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BrightStar Reader Debuts in the US

BrightStar Learning has made the BrightStar Reader, an online application designed to help students with disabilities improve reading and comprehension, available in the United States.

The application, which is currently available, is for students with difficulty reading such as those with dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD, or visual ADD.

Designed like a game, the application aims to help students to recognize sight words, also known as "high-frequency words" and "instant words," that more advantaged readers know immediately.

This training in sight words is done by means of visual stimulation to "induce targeted brain plasticity," which allows retraining of the nervous system, according to information released by the company.

Designed to run on any standard computer, the application does not require additional equipment or special technology.

The BrightStar Reader, which has been tested by Nottingham University in the United Kingdom, was developed by Saul and Jose Kullok, a father-son team, and follows 20 years of research with an average effective increase in reading levels between four months and one year, according to BrightStar.

Until April 30, the product will be available at special pricing until April 30 for $175, more than 50 percent off, and the application's first 30 users will have the chance to have their purchase price refunded in exchange for posting about their results and experience with the product.

More information on the offer can be found at brightstarreader.com/price. Visit brightstar-learning.com to learn more about the BrightStar Reader.