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Fairfield Public Schools Centralizes IT Systems Management

Fairfield Public Schools in Connecticut has centralized management of its 5,000 computers throughout the school district, a change that simultaneously reduces IT costs and improves service, according to the district. Fairfield Public Schools now uses Kaseya IT systems management software to remotely monitor, maintain, back up, and secure the entire district's computers from a central location.

Faced with recent budget cuts, administrators at Fairfield district started looking for ways to streamline and automate IT service delivery and management. "The budget cuts could have seriously inhibited our ability to provide IT services and support to our schools," said Chris Brand, an application integration specialist for Fairfield Public Schools in a prepared statement. That was when the district made the decision to implement Kaseya.

Before implementing Kaseya, each school had its own IT support technician who was responsible for managing and maintaining all of the school's computers. Now, the technicians work from a centralized location and use Kaseya's Web-based management console to keep the district's computers up and running.

According to a press release, this change reduces on-site maintenance and improves service because instead of requiring a jack-of-all-trades technician to cover all issues at each school, the district can assign trouble tickets to technicians based on their area of expertise. It also provides the IT department with a centralized view of the entire district's computers, so it can more easily keep track of inventory and plan for hardware and software upgrades.

"Our time to resolution has improved exponentially, allowing us to get the machine back up and in production more quickly--and then it's off to the next thing," said Brand. "We're so much more efficient than before."

Fairfield Public Schools serves more than 10,000 K-12 students across 16 schools in Fairfield, CT.

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