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Espresso Elementary Previews Mobile Educational Resources at FETC

Espresso Elementary is bringing its teaching and learning services to tablets and other mobile devices and is previewing the mobile-friendly resources at the FETC 2013 National Conference, held this week in Orlando, FL, and in Europe starting Wednesday at the Bett 2013 education show in London.

The cross-curricular, multimedia learning service first performed its mobile transformation on 'Clipbank,' the secondary school digital learning service available in the UK. With an iPad and Android-friendly Clipbank service ready to be launched in January 2013, the company has turned its attention to making the tablet-friendly Espresso services available in the United States, Canada, and Sweden for students aged 4 to 11.

"We continually strive to deliver services in a format that is in tune with how schools wish to use technology," said CEO and Founder of Espresso Lewis Bronze, in a prepared statement. "This upgrade project is a massive and important undertaking that the company has been working on which will ensure our services continue to meet the needs of teachers and students across the globe."

With upgrades being performed on all of Espresso's educational resources, the company's plan is to release these assets into the service as they become available. Current subscribers will be invited to take part in the development and feedback process.

A one-building subscription to Espresso costs $1,595, including access from home. Multi-building and multi-year pricing discounts are available.

Espresso is previewing the content at FETC booth 618 in the Orange County Convention Center. For more information, visit

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