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E2020 Changes Name to Edgenuity, Releases New Platform

E2020 has changed its name to Edgenuity and is releasing a new platform for its online and blended-learning programs. The platform, which provides content for core curriculum, elective, advanced placement, credit recovery, and career and technical courses, will be available in the fall.

Edgenuity courses, which provide personalized rich-media instruction, are aligned with state, iNACOL, and Common Core standards. It includes subject-area-relevant tasks and activities, formative and summative assessments, and automatic feedback. Students learn narrative, argumentative, and analytical writing, and are shown practical examples of how the material is used in real life.

Features of Edgenuity include:

  • Hundreds of core and elective course choices to choose from;
  • Instructional videos from certified teachers translated into 18 languages that include captions and transcripts. Other multimedia includes animations, graphics and images, simulations, and labs;
  • eNotes, which lets students take notes and questions in a digital notebook;
  • A glossary of new vocabulary for each lesson; and
  • Compatibility with tablets.

In addition, Edgenuity includes a variety of tools such as CloseReader, which allows students to zoom in on text, answer comprehension questions, and read or listen to commentary. The platform also provides audio and translation tools for students with hearing problems and new English learners. An eWriting tool helps guide students with the writing process from pre-writing to the final draft. Edgenuity also includes a periodic table, graphic organizers, and calculators.

The dashboard allows teachers and administrators to keep track of student progress in real time and generate progress reports to be emailed to parents. Teachers can also create customized settings for tests, such as test time, grade needed to pass, grade weighting, and retakes.

For more information, visit edgenuity.com.

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