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CradlePoint Offers Newly Eligible E-rate Options

Several 4G LTE network products from Cradlepoint are now eligible for purchase using E-rate funding.

Cradlepoint is a provider of software-defined 4G LTE network products. According to the company, schools can use 4G LTE technology "as an overlay network to cost-effectively complement, augment and extend existing primary networks." Cradlepoint products that are now eligible under E-rate funding include the AER3100 "network-in-a-box" solution, AER1600 all-in-one solution, COR IBR1100 for in-vehicle networks and COR IBR650 machine-to-machine (M2M) router.

The AER3100 series "network-in-a-box" solution is designed to be ideal for small schools and libraries. It features cloud management, advanced security, 4G LTE failover, high performance Wi-Fi and dual modem capabilities. It also includes Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) compliant content filtering.

The AER1600 series all-in-one solution is suitable for smaller classrooms, auxiliary and testing facilities to manage converged wired and wireless connectivity. As with the AER3100, it features cloud management, advanced security, 4G LTE failover, high performance Wi-Fi and dual modem capabilities, as well as CIPA-compliant content filtering.

The COR IBR1100 series is a compact, ruggedized 3G/4G/LTE device that is ideal for in-vehicle networks such as bookmobiles. It features cloud management, dual-band, dual-concurrent 801.22 a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi, ignition sensing and CIPA-compliant content filtering. It has been ruggedized for vibration, shock, dust, splash and humidity.

The COR IBR650 series M2M compact router offers network connectivity management for locations with no wired network access, such as remote library kiosks.

Note that CIPA-compliant content filtering on these devices is not eligible under E-rate funding.

More information about the company's E-rate eligible products can be found on Cradlepoint's site.

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