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PeopleAdmin Launches New Hiring Automation Tool

PeopleAdmin, a company that provides human resources software for education, has created a product designed to help new employees work through the hiring process.

The onboarding automation tool, Onboard, is intended to work though the checklist tasks that come with hiring new teachers and support staff, leaving human resources officers time to engage with new employees personally. It is designed to cut down on the amount of paperwork required by new employees and staff, as well as the errors inherent with manual procedures.

"We believe that a positive K-12 onboarding experience can make a considerable difference in a school's — or an entire district's — ability to attract and retain new employees and decrease the cost of recruitment," said PeopleAdmin CEO Kermit S. Randa. "Onboard really sets the foundation for a well engaged employee who can champion the school's mission right from the start and throughout their tenure."

Onboard will integrate fully with PeopleAdmin's Recruit & Hire software and its SearchSoft applicant tracking system with single sign-on capabilities. Onboard users can also upgrade to the Records software that will allow HR personnel to automate contracts and exit and personnel action forms that are not available with Onboard.

"With manual onboarding processes, HR administrators don't usually get involved until there's a problem," said Mark Frost, a PeopleAdmin advisor. "With Onboard, the administration can be efficiently added to the process to monitor and ensure that all tasks have been completed."

While K-12 versions of both Onboard and Records are now available, a higher education version will be released later this spring.

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Michael Hart is a Los Angeles-based freelance writer and the former executive editor of THE Journal.