Adaptive Learning

DreamBox Adds Personalized Assignment Authoring Tool

DreamBox Learning has updated its K-8 math curriculum with a new tool, AssignFocus, designed to help teachers create personalized assignments aligned to their curriculum.

AssignFocus allows teachers to use real-time proficiency data about each student to create focused assignments by assigning a particular standard or concept to a group of students or the entire class. DreamBox then differentiates the assignments for each student.

"By leveraging the power of its intelligent adaptive engine, DreamBox engages those students with strategically differentiated lessons the next time they log in," according to a news release. "Recommended lessons take into account each student's prior knowledge, demonstrated proficiency and readiness for learning. Teachers can use AssignFocus to prepare the class for an upcoming unit, give a homework assignment for a recent classroom lesson, or review for an upcoming assessment."

"Empowering students to move at their own pace while supporting daily classroom math lessons, in addition to ensuring everyone is prepared for state assessments, is a significant challenge in today's classrooms," said Jessie Woolley-Wilson, CEO of DreamBox Learning, in a prepared statement. "At a time when most teachers are limited by pacing calendars and schools primarily use student birthdates to determine what a student is learning on any given day in math, AssignFocus is an age- and grade-agnostic tool that helps teachers provide differentiated, personalized support based on students' prior knowledge. That's good for both learners and learning guardians."

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