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Swivl’s New Classroom Tools Emphasize Student Data and Personalization

Swivl aims to make whole-child learning a reality with four new educational tools for teachers and students.

Swivl, creator of the Swivl Robot and classroom video platform, has announced four new classroom tools that “support student learning skill development, as well as providing educators with deeper, more actionable student data,” according to the company.

“So far, much of what we’ve seen from [EdTech] hasn’t focused enough on creating flexible tools that evolve with education to solve the tough problems,” said Brian Lamb, co-founded and CEO of Swivl, in a news release. “That’s why we’re putting such an effort behind developing tools that gather more qualitative student data.”

The new tools are:

·      Swivl C Series Robot, a third-generation video capture device with multi-marker capability;

·      Swivl Expand Case, a combination iPad case, wide-angle lens and tablet stand;

·      Swivl Practice, an app for lightweight video coaching and skill development; and

·      Swivl Present, a blended learning, presentation and telepresence app.

Swivl’s latest robot, the C Series Robot, will have “twice the response speed, professional quality audio and the ability to pair up to four fully functional markers.” The C Series Robot is designed to capture instruction and class data during group and class-wide activities.

The smart cover and keyboard compatible iPad case, Expand Case, is designed for capturing video for instruction, reflection and coaching. Swivl’s Expand Case has a 140-degree, professional quality wide-angle lens and supports Swivl’s reflection app, Recap.

The Swivl Practice app “offers teachers a new way to capture, reflect and hone their practice, as well as elicit feedback for coaching and mentoring.” In addition, students can use the app to develop language learning, presenting, writing and reading comprehension skills. Swivl Practice works with Swivl robots, Expand Case and on its own.

Lastly, the Swivl Present app assists teachers in capturing presentations and live streaming to others. Swivl Present will be available in June 2016.

For more information about the tools and pricing, visit the Swivl site.

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