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PowerSchool Releases Latest Rendition of Learning Platform

PowerSchool is introducing the latest version of its learning management system, PowerSchool 10.0. Billed by the company as an industry-first unified classroom platform, the software will include PowerTeacher Pro, a digital gradebook that can be optimized for both standards-based and traditional grading.

With the PowerTeacher Pro Gradebook, teachers will be able to chart trends for individual students immediately, interact in real time with student and parent portals, and save time on administrative chores.

PowerTeacher Pro and the other enhancements associated with PowerSchool 10.0 have been tested by teachers and administrators over the last year. Some of them will be on hand at the ISTE conference June 26-29 in Denver, where the new product will be demonstrated.

"We think this rendition of the gradebook will make the job for our teachers easier," said Betty Wagner of the Hatboro Horsham School District in Pennsylvania, which pilot tested PowerSchool 10.0 "The ability for administrators to push uniform settings to everyone will also help reduce the training we do each term."

Along with PowerTeacher Pro, there are other enhancements:

  • Unified Classroom, which is designed to improve process flows through the student information system, online registration system and assessment and analytics tools;
  • Graduation Planner, which aims to improve reporting capabilities so that students can stay on track toward their graduation goals;
  • Ad hoc Enterprise Reporting, designed to allow the creation of custom reports aligned with specific district data analysis requirements; and
  • Updates to the mobile app, including the increased ability to accommodate disabilities and provide further personalization.

About the Author

Michael Hart is a Los Angeles-based freelance writer and the former executive editor of THE Journal.