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Edsby Intros Learning Analytics

Edsby, a cloud-based engagement and data aggregation for K-12 school districts, has introduced real-time learning analytics. The announcement was made at this week's ISTE 2016 conference and expo taking place in Denver, CO.

The learning analytics capabilities of Edsby are designed to help educators "identify at-risk students and find trends in achievement data in real-time across an individual class, school, group of schools or whole school district, depending on the user's role," according to a news release. The system also helps to identify specific learning competencies or standards where students struggle most, so teachers can adjust their instruction accordingly.

Key features of Edsby's learning analytics include:

  • Data collection from the Edsby learning management system or other LMS systems, gradebooks and other sources;
  • Data analysis that lets districts aggregate data and monitor trends in real-time;
  • Identification of specific competencies or learning standards where students struggle most; and
  • Scalability for large or small school districts.

Hillsborough County Public Schools in Tampa, FL was a beta test site for Edsby's learning analytics and has been capturing data about its 206,000 students for the entire 2015-16 school year, with 1.3 million records entering the district's Edsby analytics system every school day.

"Even in beta, the new Edsby analytics are helping us understand differences and similarities in schools across our district," said Gregory Hart, manager of Web Communications for Hillsborough County Public Schools. "Student risk analyses, geographic distributions of student achievement and more could ultimately help us see where to optimize, and these real-time graphs and charts can be shared among district or even school level administrators."

Edsby's new learning analytics capabilities will be available to Edsby customers in time for the 2016-17 school year.

Further information can be found on Edsby's site.

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